Substantive Editing

A substantive edit considers the same “big picture” elements that a manuscript evaluation does, but the edit is more hands-on. I propose changes and offer suggestions through a combination of track changes, queries and comments in the margins, and communication with you by email, phone, or in person.

This approach typically involves two rounds of editing. After the first thorough edit (called the “first pass”), you revise your manuscript in response to my proposed changes. Then I review the manuscript again (the second pass) and offer more suggestions to bring it ever closer to the best book it can be.

As a cost-savings measure for you, I also offer the option of editing just one or two chapters, accompanied by editorial advice. I will identify any recurring issues and explain how you can address them yourself; for example, problems with dialogue mechanics, moving back and forth in time, unnecessary repetition, and grammar and punctuation. You may then apply these edits to the remaining chapters.