Copy Editing

Copy editing zooms in on the mechanics of good prose—spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage. I will ensure that your manuscript is correct, consistent, and complete.

I follow the standards for copy editing set out by Editors Canada in Professional Editorial Standards, a document that describes what editors do at each level of editing.

Consistency has to do with editorial style—choices about capitalization, abbreviations, treatment of numbers, hyphenation, documentation (for example, notes and bibliography), punctuation, and more. I know the Chicago Manual of Style and APA style, I’m somewhat familiar with MLA, and I have worked with other house styles as well. I will make sure that the the editorial style is consistent so that readers won’t be distracted from what you have to say.

I copy edit on-screen using track changes and comments so that you can easily accept or reject the proposed changes. Most of my changes are accepted!


Proofreading is done after your manuscript has been designed and typeset for publication, whether as a print or an ebook. I proofread on paper using standard markup. One of my goals is to learn to proofread on Adobe Acrobat.