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Review: The Complete Canadian Book Editor, by Leslie Vermeer

I was excited by this title, a brand new book on being an editor in Canada. I thought it would be aimed at readers like me. Although I’ve never worked in-house, as an experienced freelancer and long-time student of Ryerson’s publishing program, I know a fair bit about the publishing industry. This book, I hoped, […]
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Book Review: Editorial Niches

When Editors Canada decided to update Editing Canadian English, now in its third edition, the twenty-four authors and their team of editors generated so much material that they decided to create a companion volume, Editorial Niches. What’s in it? Editorial Niches consists of two long chapters, each divided into many subsections with report-style enumeration to preserve […]
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Preparing for Certification … No More

Here I am making a fool of myself in public. Two weeks ago, I announced that I would study for the Editors Canada copy-editing exam coming up in November 2015 and blog about what I’m learning. Today, I’m announcing that I’m not taking the exam. The idea is just too stressful. And it’s only August. […]
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