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Book Review: What Editors Do: The Art, Craft, & Business of Book Editing

Every editor should buy this entertaining collection of essays edited by Peter Ginna. The essays cover everything from acquisitions to freelance editing, from the commercial environment of the Big Five to the literary milieu of independent publishers. See my review in The Editors’ Weekly.

Review: The Complete Canadian Book Editor, by Leslie Vermeer

I was excited by this title, a brand new book on being an editor in Canada. I thought it would be aimed at readers like me. Although I’ve never worked in-house, as an experienced freelancer and long-time student of Ryerson’s publishing program, I know a fair bit about the publishing industry. This book, I hoped, […]
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The Ethics of Truth-Telling

Writers of creative nonfiction have widely different views on how much they can make up and still call their work “nonfiction.” Investigative journalists, for instance, believe that it’s fine to use the techniques of fiction — characterization, dialogue, sensory description, and such — as long as they stay true to the facts. But for writers […]
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Book Review: The Art of Memoir by Mary Karr

A curious mind probing for truth may well set your scribbling ass free. Poet, writing instructor, and author of three memoirs, Mary Karr has been messing around with memoir all her life. Messy – that pretty much describes her approach to writing and teaching. “I’m a passionately messy teacher,” she writes. And, no surprise, her book […]
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