About Me

EditorsReads is a review of books that I think are relevant to editing, but not all the books discussed here are intended by the authors to be about editing. Apart from style manuals and grammar guides, there are simply not a lot of books on editing. But books on writing abound.

Take fiction, for example. I am not aware of any book that aims to equip editors to edit fiction, but there are truckloads of books on how to write and revise fiction. As editors, we can learn from these books.

My book reviews will be somewhat partial, as I’m not reviewing the book for its overall content but for what editors might glean.

No  matter what I read, I find myself reading like an editor. Part of me is engrossed by the story or “what” the author is saying, while part of me is analyzing “how” the author has chosen to say it. This dual perspective brings me deep pleasure as a reader and, I hope, keeps me questioning my decisions as an editor. I’ll share my questions and thoughts about the novels and memoirs that I’m reading under a series of posts called If I Were the Editor.

I believe that editing is a craft and a sensibility that continues to develop year after year. The more we read and reflect, the better editors we become. And the better human beings we become.

I invite you to comment and share links so that we can learn from each other.


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